Daily Devotional Messages from Rev. Gavalas now on this Website

As announced earlier, Fork Chapel is suspending all gatherings at the church due to the current guidance to avoid public gatherings. Because of this, Rev. Tony will begin March 21, 2020, and continuing until we can meet regularly at the church, with a daily meditation to help us spiritually survive the Corona virus epidemic.

We will be posting both a video and a print transcript of these meditations on this website under the “Sermons” menu. Please check daily for these messages. An index of all the daily messages posted so far is available at https://www.forkchapelumc.org/sermons/series/spiritually-surviving-the-corona-virus/ Just go to that page and select the message you wish to see.

If you know someone in our community without a computer, please consider printing off the transcript and give to them so they will not be left out.

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