Hymns of the Church

Praying the Hymns of the Faith

“Praying the Hymns of the Faith” is an ancient spiritual discipline that can help you grow spiritually from your heart. Prayerfully read and, if possible, sing the hymn daily for one week. As you read and sing, listen from your heart for words and phrases that catch your attention or that stir your spirit. Share with God what the prayer points mean to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow spiritually or to live thankfully at the points. It will be helpful if you can record your experience daily in a Prayer Journal. You start a Prayer Journal with a blank notebook in which you record your daily experience in praying the hymn.

To aid you with this, the following list contains links to YouTube videos of prayer hymns for each week.

When you click on one of the links, the associated video will open in a new window/tab.